The Wood Shed Concert Series

The Woodshed Concert Series

London Brewery Co-Op
(521 Burbrook PL)
January 29
1-3 pm


February 12, 1-3 pm
Wortley Road House

April 9- details to follow!

This is how the Wood Shed works:

The Woodshed started in the simplest of ways. First, we were actually in a Woodshed ( sort of) in the heart of Wortley Village in London Ontario. It was all for the love of community, good music and giving back. The rules back then were simple: bring a bottle to share, a donation for the band and be nice. We encouraged people to bring a donation out of respect for the musicians. We encouraged the bands to pay the donations forward. We gave the money to charity.

We have come a long way. We now have sponsors paying the bands, so all the money raised at the Woodshed goes to The Kids Mental Health Optimist Club of Canada. In 2016, the club launched a grant program to support initiatives that help schools support children struggling with anxiety. The Woodshed concert series outgrew the woodshed. We now move around to different locations (no bottle to share anymore) , spreading the love, great music and the importance of community and awareness around childhood mental health.

We live stream the concerts. This allows the bands to get a bit more exposure and increases our audience.

Our YouTube channel is The Wood Shed Concert Series.

The Woodshed is located in Wortley Village.

The bands will receive a nominal fee for their performance, promotion through our social media networks as well as a copy of their performance. The Woodshed also raises $ through sponsorship. In return for sponsorship, the business will receive acknowledgement on the website, streaming page, at our event and through social media.


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