The Wood Shed Concert Series

The Woodshed Concert Series

November 6
1-3 pm

Bring a donation for the band and be nice

This is how the Wood Shed works:

It's all for the love of community, good music and giving back. The rules are simple- Bring a bottle to share, a donation for the band and be nice. We encourage people to bring a donation out of respect for the musician. We encourage the bands to pay the donations forward. The Kids’ Mental Health Optimists collect the donations and distribute tax receipts (over $20).

We live stream the concerts. This allows the bands to get a bit more exposure and increases our audience.

Our YouTube channel is The Wood Shed Concert Series.

The Woodshed is located in Wortley Village.

The bands will receive a nominal fee for their performance, promotion through our social media networks as well as a copy of their performance. The Woodshed also raises $ through sponsorship. In return for sponsorship, the business will receive acknowledgement on the website, streaming page, at our event and through social media.


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